Resources Needed


Access to an Inkjet Color Printer.

It is critically important that this be an Inkjet color printer, NOT a laser printer, as only Inkjet printers have inks that are compatible with the rest of the process.

Transfer Paper for Tee Shirts

A package costs approximately $50 for 50 sheets and is readily available from office supply stores, craft/sewing stores and Walmart. Several teachers might want to work together to share costs for materials.

Transfer paper is available for light or dark colored fabrics. We strongly recommend the light transfer paper as it's much easier and faster to use. Small transfers can be made with multiple pictures on one sheet. In order to have an attractive sized image, plan to use one sheet for each student’s shirt.

Tee Shirts (and Other Fabric Items)

Tee shirts and tank tops cost between $3 and $5 each at Walmart. We also found undecorated canvas tote bags in the craft department for $3 and plain baseball caps for $2 each.

It is important that any fabric item you consider using be cotton or a fabric that withstand the heat of a hot iron.

Iron and Ironing Board

You will need an iron, but the iron need not have the ability to produce steam. In fact it is crucial that when the iron is being used that STEAM NOT BE USED (see explanation in the "Making Shirts" section).

The ironing board is not recommended in the directions, but we found it useful. You will need a firm surface that can withstand pressure and heat.

Sharp Scissors and Plain Printing Paper

The scissors are for cutting out the image on the transfer paper.

The paper is for printing test runs on the Inkjet printer to be sure the colors and positioning be appropriate.