Images from space

There are a number of images of planets and moons that might be used in your project. The best places to look for these on using google images (advanced search) and specifying that the domain name should end .gov. Much of this information can be found on NASA sites. The following images show some of the possibilities. Go to the link to see the images at their best image quality.


Of course the Earth is a liquid water ocean planet, but there is evidence of other oceans past and present in the solar system (see below).

NASA web sites have spectacular images. The following is a map of ocean temperatures. Show the difference between El Niño and La Niña. It is one of many such images, and there are many other beautiful maps and photographs.

Other planets and moons

Mars: Evidence suggests that in the distant past there were large bodies of liquid water on this planet. At this time all such water seems locked up in the ice sheets at the poles and as ground permafrost.

Europa is a moon of Jupiter that is a frozen water world. There is evidence of regions which had periods of open water with large icebergs that rafted from there original positions. There is some evidence that under the miles thick ice, there is a liquid ocean.


For the high resolution image of Europa, click here.

Enceladus, a moon of Saturn" has enigmatic huge geysers on its south pole. These are consistent with a huge sub-surface body of liquid water.


Perhaps the oddest ocean in the solar system is on Saturn's moon Titan. Here in the extreme cold of the outer solar system the liquid is not water, but methane.

Click here to go to the nasa web site with images of Titan.